About Us

General Builders is the State of Illinois Corporation, incorporated and registered, under the Illinois Business Corporation Act of 1983.
We provide all our construction services to Chicago IL and all surrounding areas.

Janusz Dyczko, the president of General Builders Company is a Civil of Master Degree Engineer. Since 1981 of his uninterrupted civil engineer career through years of his involvement in various types of commercial, industrial, nuclear or residential practices, he puts all his construction experience to the advantage of the company and in favor of all our customers.

General Builders accomplishes all aspects of the construction projects, providing complete technical and administrative management services. We perform all kind of construction work, regardless of scope of work and number of trades, with superior workmanship at competitive prices.

Especially for many years, our company has been engaged in rehabilitation of old and historical structures as a restorer. Much the same successfully, we accept all kind of construction challenges for commercial and industrial establishment. Since 2001 to the joy of our clients, we are custom home builders as well.

General Builders is a licensed general contractor and fully insured company. Our mission is to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable working environment for our associates.

We always work with customers in a way that suits their needs and expectations, to deliver high quality construction services through completion, while remaining on time and meeting on budget.
Our company also undertakes repairs of any faulty work performed by incompetent contractors and even more…, unlike most reliable companies, we can complete the “unfortunate” projects without their costs reduplication.

Repeatedly, we greatly surprise our subsequent customers by overbidding many impressive contractors, tendentiously overestimating their figures. Our development experience allows us rationally determine the project parameters, properly price it and effectively manage the construction process, all in order to surpass expectations of the most fastidious clients, from start to finish.

General Builders always focuses on the client relationship and our customers benefit from our dedicated construction professionals. We serve our clients by evaluating alternative solutions, providing creativity, and continuously challenging ideas to find the best options. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost goal.

Please, do not leave our estimate out of consideration of your any construction project.
Thank you!

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